Meet the Team


If you are planning an unforgettable event that your guests will NEVER stop talking about, allow me to introduce myself! I am Trevor Pascoe, Owner and Founder of Prelude Entertainment. My passion for music and entertainment started when I was still a young school boy. Playing music with vinyl’s and turntables for fun quickly escalated into a career. After being a DJ as a hobby for 19 years I decided to make a professional career of it.

I am not your regular DJ. I am an entertainer who interact with the crowd and reads the people. My music selection depends on the type of function and the group of people involved. With an excellent music knowledge I play ALL genres of music (Old School, Dance, Afrikaans, Sokkie, Deep House, R&B, Hip Hop, etc.) and promise to keep the crowd on their feet!

My knowledge in this industry is far beyond any other DJ in this country and with the level of professionalism I present myself and my company with, you cannot go wrong by choosing us!! We promise our clients a memorable night and we always keep our promises!

“You be my sunny day I’ll be your shade tree you be my honeysuckle I’ll be your honey bee” – Blake Shelton



“You know what makes a great DJ? It’s not about how many tricks you can do, buttons and effect you can use or bangers you can drop. It’s about adapting to your environment, feeling the energy in the room and using your musical expertise and tools you have to direct the energy and create a vibe. We are not jukeboxes. We are life changers”

I am Corne, also known as DJ Eclips. I have been a DJ from 2006, and can say with confidence I am a Professional Mobile and Wedding DJ. I know how to play music that will get your crowd hooked and have a memorable party!

My music knowledge and experience in this field allows me to be able to play all genres of music!



Passion, Talent, Experience and knowledge … Mix those four and BOOM!! A Brilliant DJ!!! I am Rick…better known as DJ Recklyss. If you want your party to be the talk of the town, you are at the right place.

I’m a confident, capable and professional Mobile DJ. I am good at getting crowd participation, and great at providing a wide variety of music for ANY function and age group.

I was thought to DJ the hard way, mixing on turntables and spinning vinyl. That is where I discovered that my Passion are actually my talent. Today I still play music the “old school way”. Even though I had to let go of the vinyl, because of the limited availability of new music, I will never turn to a laptop and set play list! I mainly play of CD and USB. My music selection is entertaining for any crowd, young and old.



There are literary millions of good songs out there! Knowing exactly to play a specific song, is not only a gift, it’s a feeling and understanding on music that a hand full of DJ’s can do.

A truly great DJ, just for a moment, can make a whole room fall in love. Because DJing is not about creating a playlist or choosing a few songs. It’s creating a vibe and generating shared moods. It’s about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to better, magical world of excitement and happiness.

I can guarantee you a night to remember for life! I have a well rounded music knowlede to play all the music you want and need for an unforgettable party! Going back in time, reliving special moments you shared with family and friends, creating new memories – all that is possibel with the right music and knowing when the right time is to play certain songs.



I started DJ’ing in High School , playing at house parties and school functions since 2002.Soon I realised I want to make a career out of my love for music and my passion and dream became a reality. I joined Prelude Entertainment in 2014 and is now one of their acclaimed DJ’s and entertainers specializing in corporate events and Weddings.

I am known for my passion for music and customer satisfaction. I am a confident person, have excellent people skills and a talent for playing the right music for the crowds, I’m entertaining and I certainly know how to get the party started!

As a professional DJ professional I played at some of Gauteng’s biggest night clubs like Times4, Capellos, CoFi, Stones and Centurion Chesa Nyama and resident now on Fridays at African Chef, also playing at promotional and corporate events for Coca Cola, SAB, MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, Eskom to name a few.

My passion lies with DJ’ing, technical setup and working with people has proven to be my strongest traits.



I am Cornie – Better known in the entertainment industry as DJ DP Rhythm.

I joined the team as an apprentice is 2011 and was taught for the first six months by Trevor three times a week.

Prelude started to use me as the assistant DJ in June 2011 and I was sent out do my own gigs from 2013.

I’m an interactive DJ on the microphone and plays all genres of music. My ability to read different cultures needs of music choices is exceptional.

I’ve got a passion for music and DJ. I am reliable, well-mannered and able to do any type of function for different cultures and age groups.

I’ve done various mobile events and I am involved with various regular venues on a weekly basis



Started with his DJ career when he was only 16. Played for and completed training under Simpsons Mobile Disco in Potchefstroom.

Played at multiple weddings, sokkies and other functions from Westonaria to Lichtenburg. Played at Dancepalace in 2015. Boeremusiek. Sokkie and line dances.

Dj’d 100’s of weddings in Gauteng from the West Rand to the East rand. Specialise in oldschool Rock, sokkie and Electronic Dance Music.